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Delores Dufner

When spring returns I learn once more
how deep the darkness dwelling in me,
feel once more how faint the hope
that green will grow again–
how faint that hope in me.

Winter numb, I cringe to touch
my skin worn thin by cold and gray
and nothing bright.

But then a bird,
a blade of grass,
a crocus pushes through.

There is no power strong enough,
there is no season long enough
to overcome the sun or
snuff the flame that
flickers in my heart.

Delores Dufner, OSB is a member of Saint Benedict’s Monastery in St. Joseph, Minnesota, and is a nationally-renowned hymn writer. She has received 58 commissions to write hymn lyrics for special occasions or needs, and her lyrics are the basis of over 80 choral octavos. She has four published hymn collections: Sing a New Church, 48 hymns (Oregon Catholic Press, 1994); The Glimmer of Glory in Song, 79 hymns (GIA Publications, 2004); And Every Breath, a Song, 72 hymns (GIA Publications, 2011) and Criers of Splendor, 56 hymns (GIA Publications, 2016).

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“Unvanquished” From Light: a Tiny Book of Lyricality. (St. Cloud: Lyricality, 2019) © Delores Dufner, 2019.