Easter Sunrise: Halibut Point by Tracy Rittmueller

Welcome to Sunday Morning Lyricality, featuring a weekly song or poem by a Minnesota writer.

Easter Sunrise: Halibut Point
Tracy Rittmueller

We face the sun
we cannot see
because nothing 
we have done 
can stop the dawn
from arriving.

Morning comes in 
the thin film between
ocean and heaven 
where everything 
is water, every-
thing is radiant.

Here in the rapture
of making room
for a new day
there is no place 
for self-importance

and yet light advances
as if we, from shore, 
had summoned all this
oscillating luminosity. 

The wind wakes us, 
waves brawl with stones
and gulls announce 
the shattering 
of shackles while we

stand here on a ledge
of rock at the end
of earth in the midst
of the tumult 

and all around us 
the bellowing surge
is fracturing brine into
the spectrum of our yearning.


Tracy Rittmueller is founder and Director of Lyricality. Her chapbook Relearning the Lullabies, was published by Heywood Press in 1994. In 2017, Autumn Sky Poetry Daily nominated her for a Pushcart award. She blogs about poetry and spirituality at TracyRittmueller.com.

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