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With a moving acoustic guitar ostinato and flowing violin melody underneath, Marco sheds light on the breadth of opportunities that pass us by while we work fervently for safety and comfort. He offers a solution: Take risks with unknown outcomes or trajectories, like paper planes. He closes with a message to his daughter, asking for patience and positing support, both virtues we all could benefit from adopting as we continue down our own roads.

TJ Larum
‘Like Paper Planes’ by Marco Vendrame

‘Like Paper Planes’ Lyrics by Marco Vendrame

All your life you try to find
that pot of honey to buy whatever you like
but it’s all just smoke and mirrors
head stuck in traffic, a man full of fears

A lot of roads has passed by
you have choices at every stop light
some are green and some just fade from view
like paper planes we should’ve flew

In another life you’re waiting
to take a chance and leave what is safe
and when the white lines all are fading
don’t check your rearview it’s time to be brave


I watch you play in the sandbox
the sun is setting in the backdrop
and I’m still trying to find my own way
chasing moments even though they slip away


A lot of roads will pass by
I won’t be there at every stop light
all are green and when I fade from view
you’re my paper plane I hope you knew


Hailing from Italy and now based out of Minneapolis, singer, songwriter and guitarist Marco Vendrame has always been known for a blend of rock, pop and blues. After years of and being influenced and working with platinum record winners songwriters and grammy winners producers of the midwest he’s added the folk flair to his stylings. His Lyrics always provide a provocative and honest point of view about the reality we live in. His music is simple, minimalist, something that will hit you in the most intimate way. An active performer and educator, Marco has performed in hundreds of concerts and festivals between Europe and the US and has taught in various music schools.