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This poem, the last in October’s four-part series, typifies aging in a social context. Beyond personal attributes, life-course opportunities (present or not), or historic life-changing events,  we now catch a glimpse of a shared age-related experience. In this prose poem, Will Hecht illustrates the cohesion of relationships and tradition, along with the topics and mood that generally pervades older adult conversations.

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Judith Feenstra

Retirement On Lake Time
Will Hecht

< i >

This time it’s a weekend respite from whatever one is engaged with during the humdrum
of each jive week’s 9-to-5 — so it happens that oohs and aahs escape stiff bodies 
exiting air-conditioned transportation devices that have carried unwanted weight 
for the past 2+ hours — twee urbanites, we do a slow shuffle, squint and scan, 
offer this arboreal-with-lake-view location rah! rah! raves as is the unstated but polite 
requirement for visitors, even if family — hugs all around; quick quips with witty grins cross
dry lips closer now to a frosty cold one; an easy chatter fills the warm air — suspended 
is the self-imposed time and space distance with which aging siblings surround themselves
while moving closer to a shared memory of parents no longer present midst this 
perennial northern Minnesota summer scene : loons float on the lake 

​​​​​​< ii >

In time stories unwind: Children here and there, futures bright for those planning futures, 
others move back and forth between futures; aging aches and pains are reviewed 
with all the thoughtfulness a medical degree might offer, and marketing colorful,
sure cure medications gets prime time; some relive travel adventures beneath unfamiliar 
skies, stars ascending in translation, then after-dinner drinks descend, translation getting lost; 
the pet people ruffle no feathers when sharing insight into the fine art of picking up 
the pieces; “State of the State” in Minnesota gets a brief mention, no translation needed 
although the belief of some is that its language sounds foreign, then describe in detail a 
fossilized world view and their oppressed needs : sadness echoes in the air

​​​​​​< iii >

Once upon a time our world was bright and gay, an endless summer of tomorrows 
would always come, an infinity of Rock-n-Roll played throughout an expanding sunshine 
daydream universe, a melodious and meaningful constant; this is not that time, now
shadows of mothers and fathers meander the forest floor surrounding this cabin enclave 
of children who have migrated into finite 4-season rhythms; increasingly, warm weather 
attracts, talk goes on and on about the variables involved when keeping warm, 
401K warm — it seems everyone is acutely aware of the changing seasons, more so 
than ever before as out loud voices contemplate a time when and where tomorrow 
will never come : loneliness drifts by  

​​​​​​< iv >​​​​    
 ​loons float on the lake 
sadness echoes in the air 
​loneliness drifts by

“Retirement on the Lake” by Will Hecht


Will Hecht
Householder living & writing in Little Falls MN — Member, League Of Minnesota Poets — Librarian in previous life — Writing seven years, poetry prompted by sights & sounds of people / places / phenomena — Enjoys roaming Twin Cities for pizza & pastries.

“Retirement on the Lake” by Will Hecht, in original format, appears with permission of the poet.