This June 2021, guest editor Lane Henson features 4 of Duluth Minnesota’s many fine poets.

I love Emerson Sloane’s poem, CREVICE, for its intense passion and imagery.  The poet does not waste any words here – the power comes from the concise language, tight rhythm, and evocative sounds.  Emerson’s razor-sharp focus carries us skillfully into this world she has created, that she is stirring awake, in three short stanzas.    

Lane Henson

by Emerson Sloane

I slip my hand into the crevice
separating you from my gaze.
My fingers knead the warmth
tickling the roots
where they hide inside the soil.

My mind blue-electric
fingers tunneling
subduing, inciting
the roots to blossom.

My hand between the worlds.
My fingers the bridge across which
the messengers of dawn
escort you to my eternity.


Emerson Sloane is a former journalist and social commentary writer. She has been writing poetry and essays for over two decades. Her writing approach is to take the universal and inject it with poignant specificity, while breaking down cultural and identity barriers. Emerson is a trans activist and advocate and lives in Minnesota with two senior dogs, Midas and Gracie.

“Crevice” by Emerson Sloane appears here with permission of the author.