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Ed Bok Lee’s Mitochondrial Night: the dizzying balance of sacred encounter

In his “Author Statement, Ed Bok Lee writes, “If, as Czeslaw Milosz wrote, ‘language is the only homeland,’ then poetry is the oldest, most beautiful, most generous and ‘real’ house of worship on our collective earth that I know. Every time I look into my daughter’s eyes to see the future, I’m reminded of this, and that the forces forever writing and revising every single biological cell in our bodies—in sometimes harmonious, sometimes conflicting, sometimes revolutionary ways—feels exactly like poetry.

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Su Hwang’s Bodega: 7 hints for embarking on the risky adventure of getting into poetry

Bodega is one of five finalist books chosen by Paige Riehl for Lyricality’s “Read Poetry Central Minnesota 2020” program. Lyricality aims to introduce Minnesota poets to new audiences, and to encourage book groups to consider poetry collections as a way to facilitate lively, meaningful discussions. People who read Bodega might gain insight to foster compassion around some of today’s most politically divisive topics.

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