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Submissions are open year-round. We do not charge submission fees. 

Lyricality Conversations

If you are an experienced writer, we welcome your thoughtful and thought-provoking reflections on a conversation/interview you’ve had with a Minnesota poet or lyricist. Read our blog to see what we mean by “thoughtful and thought-provoking.” Length 1200 – 3000 words; include relevant photos, videos, and links.

Lyricality News and Reviews 

This would be a good place for new writers to break into print–or for established writers to draw attention to an upcoming or ongoing event, or publicize a recent work of music by a Minnesota lyricist, or share a review of a recent book by a Minnesota poet.

Lyricality Writers Page

Our goal is to acknowledge and give space to all of Minnesota’s literary poets, lyricists, spoken word performers, and alt-lit poets–but we don’t have the resources to track you all down. So send us a short, relevant bio and we’ll contact you requesting a high-resolution photograph. Then we’ll add you to our database.

Sunday Morning Lyricality

Send us a song or a poem that will move or inspire us. Maybe it arouses compassion or invokes curiosity. Maybe it evokes wonder, gratitude, or delight. Maybe it sheds light or provides a welcome insight, a new way of seeing. Maybe it offers a moment of calm in the storm. Your previously published work is welcome, but include acknowledgement and obtain relevant permission. New work is also welcome.

Guest Editor Guidelines for Sunday Morning Lyricality

Guest Editors will be assigned to choose poems/songs for one or two months. (If we haven’t contacted you, and you wish to be a guest editor, feel free to contact us). For each of your assigned Sundays, choose a poem or song by a Minnesota writer and contact them to obtain permission to publish/republish on “Sunday Morning Lyricality.” Submit the Title, Author, Text & permissions at least 2 weeks before publication date, and include an audio or video link if you wish. Do include the author’s bio, and two or three sentences about why you like the work–why it matters to you, or why you think readers/listeners will be moved by it. 

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