Decentralized Leadership

Presence. Authenticity. Mutuality.
Inclusive Belonging.

Banner that reads Lyricality with drawn portraits of a diverse array of poets in the community.

Executive Co-Directors

We practice interdependence and normalize asking for support to cultivate a sustainable work culture.

Woman in black hijab. She holds one hand to her chest as she looks off into the distance. Blurred palm trees are in the background.

Khadijo Abdi

Operations & Accessibility Director

Smiling woman in cream hijab and red long sleeves holding up a card. The background is white.

Anisa Hagi-Mohamed

Communications Director

Woman in glasses holds a white book and speaks into a microphone.

Tracy Rittmueller

Development & Finance Director

Visionary Think Tank

We bring scholarship and reflection to ongoing conversations that deepen trust by nurturing cooperation and consensus in community.

Smiling woman with dark hair, bindi, and glasses.

Sangeeta Jha

Cultural Competency Advisor

Woman with short curly hair. Her chin is turned up to the camera and she holds a straight face.

Kelly Travis

Resource Specialist
ESL educator

Woman with long curly hair. She smiles straight at the camera.

Azania Tripp


Woman with a white streak in her dark hair smiling with her head slightly turned away from the camera.

Hedy Tripp

Antiracism Advisor

Board of Directors

We prioritize justice and liberation practices and policies in service of diversity, equity, and inclusion
with an antiracist focus.

Blonde woman with a smile on her face. She sits in front of a window and wears a dark top with flowers on it.

Cassidy Swanson


A brunette curly-haired woman smiling at the camera. She wears a light purple shirt.

Nicole Finken, CPA


A man in a wheelchair speaking into a microphone. His shirt has the eyes of an animal on it.

Keith Piskur

Accessibility Advocate

A man and woman looking at each other while in conversation.

Nicole Konz & John Salgado Maldonado

Purpose Artisans: Cross Cultural Community Mental Health Occupational Therapists

Community Supporters & Partners