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Read Poetry St. Cloud, April 24, 3:00 and 7:00 pm

St. Cloud area readers at Great River Regional Library (GRRL main branch, St. Cloud), will meet with Minnesota-based poet Paige Riehl, to discuss her recent collection of poems Suspension. Lyricality chose Suspension for its first annual “Read Poetry” event because we believe you will be moved by these poems, and will want to read more poetry. Don’t worry if you’re not generally comfortable reading contemporary poetry. In Ms. Riehl’s poems, you will find yourself relating to familiar images and emotions — parenthood and international adoption, illness, the self at home and abroad, and love — all drawn from this midwestern poet’s experience.

For a reading guide to help you dive into these poems, email If you are not a regular GRRL book group attendee, and want to attend this book discussion, please email us so we will have room for you.  

a Lyricality Poetry Popup, April 27

Join us Saturday, April 27 from 9 am – noon at Minnesota Street Market (Food and Art Co-op) in St. Joseph, MN. Enjoy family activities to engage young people in reading and making of poems; experience poets’ pop up readings; take home a free “Poem for your Pocket” by a central Minnesota Poet; and order a “Poem on Demand” from Bill Meissner, who will be improvising on a manual typewriter. Experience how poetry strengthens communities through mutual compassion and shared delight!

Participating Poets: Josue Behnen, OSB; Delores Dufner, OSB; Bill Meissner; Susan Sink; Larry Schug; Charles Wm Preble; Mark Conway; Micki Blenkush; Mardi Knudson; Cassidy Swanson; Sandy Bot-Miller; Mary Willette Hughes; Mara Faulkner,OSB; Tracy Rittmueller; Nicole Borg; John Forner; Juliana Howard; Chelsea Christman

Sponsors: Lyricality; Minnesota Street Market (Food and Art Co-op); Celia Mae Literary Center.

Lyricality Minnesota Festival

We are also working, through partnerships, to coordinate, manage, and host a quadrennial Lyricality Minnesota Festival in St. Cloud in 2021, 2025, and 2029. For this event, we envision a 2-day festival with the first day hosting conversations and readings designed for high school students and teachers of all grade levels from preschool through college, and the second day open to the general public. We will invite professional Minnesota poets and musicians representing diverse cultures, and hopefully a nationally known poet or two.

Please contact us if you would like to receive notifications and/or participate in festival planning & fundraising.


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