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Original teas and tisanes to enhance your lyrical life,
and to gift to your literary-loving, tea-loving family & friends.
Inspired by and to inspire poetry.

click on a tea or tisane name (below) to discover
the poet & poem behind its inspiration

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a Persian style black tea with hints of rose and mystery

a rooibos (bush tea) for your Dickensonian wild nights

to enhance your loafing leisure time

an utterly delicious fruit tisane

an awakening blend to make your heart sing

handmade in central Minnesota

The Rubaiyat’s Black Rose

Ingredients: Black tea, bay leaves, lapsang souchong, rose petals, organic cardamom powder.


Love Potion No. 269 Green Tea

Ingredients: Mango, papaya, cacao nibs*, coconut*, green tea, honeybush*, orange peel*, vanilla bean pieces. 



Ease Green and White Tea

Ingredients: Apple, puerh white tea, green tea*, lemongrass*, jasmine flowers*, blueberries*, lavender*, natural flavors



Fulness of Bliss Herbal Tisane

Ingredients: Cinnamon*, red rooibos*, apple, papaya, elderberries, cloves*, red currant, spicy globe basil, raspberry, straberry, hibiscus


After the Winter Rain Black Tea

Ingredients: Black tea, red rooibos*, peach pieces*, strawberry pieces, nettle leaf, bamboo leaf, reaspberry pieces, raspberry leaf, elderflowers*, raspberry essence, vanilla flavor*


LyricaliTea Mugs

Handmade in central MN by Susan Beyer

Every LyricaliTea Mug is unique, a special vessel imprinted with a human touch, available in rustic earth tone or soft green with dragonfly. Microwave and dishwasher safe, this is a mug you can enjoy a long and beautiful friendship with.